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First issue: Friday 7th July 2023

Star festival. Wish to the stars!

Welcome to the HABaLook brand new Blog 2023!

Ever since I have started teaching language and culture, translating and interpreting at HABaLook,  I have always pondered over two key questions: How can I create services which are both unique and beneficial for all my students and clients?  How can I develop my practices to the next stage without losing my philosophy?

So! I decided to explore my mission to empower people’s communication skills by travelling to  Japan, Singapore and India, and so on from September.

First of all, I set up three themes to research for next academic year.

  1. Show & Tell exchange project
  2. The social history of menopause in Japan
  3. Tsunagu/Connect in Japan – researching British female expats in Japan

As I say, it is my research trip. In fact, it is a quest for self-discovery.

What do I need?

What & How can I contribute to others?

This blog will report on the progress of research, news, and my findings, before, during and after the journey.

I hope you will like it!


2023 初版:2023年7月7日(金)


できたてほやほやの ハバルックブログへ ようこそ!




  1. Show & Tell  見せて教えて交流プロジェクト
  2. 日本社会における更年期の歴史
  3. 日本でのつなぐ/Connect 展示会ー日本在住の英国籍移住女性の調査





Last december 2022, when Yuka visited japanese primary school for exchange activity, Japanese children presented the thousand cranes to the British children. 去年学校の交流訪問時に日本の子供たちからイギリスの子供たちに千羽鶴が贈られました!

Last December 2022, when Yuka visited a Japanese primary school in Tokyo for her Show & Tell exchange project, Japanese children presented a thousand cranes to British children.