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HABaLook is an education enterprise that supports all people in discovering their linguistic and artistic Japanese endeavours. 

HABaLook is created by Yuka Harada-Parr.

Yuka has over 15 years experience teaching Japanese language and culture in the UK across all settings. Yuka has taught Japanese to primary school age groups to adult learners, across the private and public education sector. Yuka believes in Learner-centred teaching focusing on inclusive and diverse lesson plans to accommodate for all.

1.  Japanese Private Tutor

Private Tuition : 1 hour Lesson £30~

For the learner who wishes to learn particular subjects and methods, Yuka can create a bespoke private lesson plan. For example, you may want to focus on Kanji, or Japanese business language and etiquette, or Japanese formal language, or Japanese colloquialisms. Choice is yours!

Please enquire for more details.

2. Holiday Japanese (30 hours)

Conversation based lessons for holidays in Japan.
For last-minute travellers to well-prepared holiday makers. Yuka offers
intensive weekly lessons to fortnightly / monthly lessons according to your holiday plan!

You can spread the 30 hours of lessons over 3 to 18 months

Pricing (Total amount)

Private lessons £900

Pair lessons £600 per student
Group lessons *£300 – 450 per student  ( Size of group will be from 3~ 6max)

* Pricing for group lessons will change depending on number of participants and topics covered. Please inquire directly for more details.
Monthly payments will be available as below:
per month = pm  / per week =pw /  per person= pp / per lesson=pl

Levels Private Pair Group (3+)

  (3 months:150 min pw, 10 hours  


  £300 pm £200 pp/pm *£150 pp/pm

 (6 months: 75 min pw, 5 hours pm)

£150 pm £100 pp/pm *£75 pp/pm

 (12 months: 75 min pl, 2.5hours pm)

£75 pm £50 pp/pm *£35 pp/pm

(18 months:100 min pl,pm)

£50 pm £35 pp/pm *£25 pp/pm


3. GCSE Japanese / A Level Japanese

From Foundation tier to Higher tier GCSE Japanese, Yuka offers a GCSE course from beginner level to learners who have learnt Japanese in the past and wish to gain a qualification. 

Recommended length of study is 2 years (72 weeks) at 2 hours per week. However, if you wish to sit the exam with less preparation time, Yuka will assess the level of the student and design the lesson plan accordingly.


per person = pp / per hour = ph

Levels Private Pair Group (3+)
Foundation tier (2 years) 144 hours

72 weeks school term time; 2 hours pw

 (Starting from the beginning of academic year/ September) 

£40 ph £25 pp/ph £20 pp/ph
Higher tier (2 years) 144 hours

72 weeks school term time; 2 hours pw

(Starting from the beginning of academic year/ September) 

£40 ph £25 pp/ph £20pp/ph
Higher tier (3 years) 162 hours

72 weeks school term time; 2 hours pw

 (Starting from the beginning of academic year/ September) 

£40 ph £25 pp/ph £20 pp/ph

4. JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N5~N1

From N5 to N1 level, Yuka offers a JLPT preparation course for all Japanese language learners who need to have a qualification for studying and working in Japan. Those who pass JLPT N1 receive 15 points, N2 receive 10 points under the government’s “Point-based Preferential Immigration Treatment System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals.” 

For more details, please refer to the website of Immigration Bureau of Japan.
Recommended length of study will vary.
The exams are held twice a year, Summer (July) and Winter (December).

Before you decide what level you are, let’s discuss based on the JLPT Can-do Self-Evaluation List.


per person = pp / per hour = ph

Levels Private Pair Group (3+)
N5 (60 min per lesson) £30 £20pp £15 pp
N4 & N3 (60 min per lesson) £35 £25 pp £20 pp
N1& N2 (90 min per lesson) £40 £30 pp £25pp

Mission Statement

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands,
that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language,
that goes to his heart.”
(Nelson Mandela)

Translation does not exist only between different languages.  

Each one of us has our own language and we all must be translators all of the time in order to truly understand each other .

HABaLook believes that we must open our minds and “Have a look” at different aspects of the intersection between language and culture. 

Our language & culture services support businesses as well as individuals via Translation and Education. The primary purpose is to help ensure that our clients words resonate with the audiences they are targeting, and through that communication, a mutual understanding is achieved.

About HABaLook

HABaLook is a language and culture service providing translation, language & culture lessons between Japanese and English. I provide holistic creative solutions from words to arts.
My translation services include translation (English < >Japanese), interpreting

( English< >Japanese) and liaisons with other language pairs.
I also translate text into both dialogue and cartoon formats for oral and visual purposes.
Not only providing a complete product, but also I am very passionate to share my expertise through lessons and workshops. Lessons and workshops include Japanese language lessons, cultural workshops, Art & craft workshops and Japanese cookery lessons.

Translation/ Interpreter/ Liaisons

  • Translation/ interpreter between English to /from Japanese.
  • Translation from the texts into visual contexts ( cartoon, dialogues and object)
  • Liaison to other languages pairs through our supporting affiliated Translation Service,the Collocations, SOAS ( University of London) translation society.


GCSE Japanese/ A level Japanese/ JLPT N1-N5/Holiday Japanese


My artworks are fun and playful, created from simple colour pencil illustration,

caricature, poster colour paints, cartoon, paper cutting pictures “Kirie” and patchwork pictures.
I also run art & craft workshops for infants, Origami workshops, Manga cartoon lessons for teens and Japanese cookery lessons.


Translation/ interpreting



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