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Third issue: Show & Tell 1)

Saturday 29th July 2023

Actions speak louder than words!

 ~A small courage moved all 

My fascination with the various learning strategies that can be utilised in order to facilitate language learning has long been an area of both deep reflection and practical experimentation, with much of this work culminating in the ongoing development of the “Show & Tell” model . As briefly stated on the first blog, the goal of the project is to develop an exchange programme between British and Japanese primary schools , with its first trials having started in October of 2022. The purpose of this project is to enable active communication between children in both the UK and Japan, via exchange of video messages, through the medium of  the British primary school activity  ‘Show and Tell’.


This all began with the Griffin Federation of primary schools in Lincolnshire (Westmere , Gedney Drove End and Holbeach St Marks Primary school) and primary schools in Tokyo (Ogunishi, Shirayuri and Nakadai primary schools). The schools are paired and exchange messages by short videos. The children exchanged videos about their favourite things; food, colours, sports, computer games, TV characters and so on.

With the English children learning Japanese, they greeted their counterparts with a short introduction in Japanese before completing their messages in English. On the other hand, with the Japanese children learning English, they normally used only English in their presentations,  with some of them choosing to also communicate their messages in Japanese, too.

Given the wide range of ages (7-12 year olds), the characters of the children vary wildly; confident ones, enthusiastic ones, cheeky ones, funny ones, serious ones and very nervous ones. The cheeky and funny ones are universally popular and make everybody laugh. Those competent ones impress children through their language and presentation skills. Children, like many adults, love discovering the similarities as well as differences between themselves and their fellow students.

When some boys said,  “ I like soccer”, the audience cheered with “ Me too!” 

On the other hand, when one girl said “ I like Gunma chan!”, everybody was puzzled about what or who it was.

However, the most impressive messages were not those “Good ones”.

The children reflected most deeply when watching somebody struggling to say a word.

One girl left a very strong impression. 

She was really really shy. 

She stood in front of the camera.

Her name and subject were displayed behind on the screen. 

She wiggled, looked down, shook her head and covered her face with her hands…

She prepared her lines, but she couldn’t deliver any…

At first, I thought it could be an outtake, so I shouldn’t show this to the classes. 

Then I rethought… No, I must present this to the children as well!

My second thought was right – more than right. 

In fact, this message gave a lot of courage to all and it helped some shy children who initially refused to stand in front of the camera to have a go!

They asked me to send messages to this girl; “ Well done”, “ I felt your message” and “ Thank you!”It both helped develop a larger desire in many of the students to communicate with their foreign counterparts, while also creating a strong sense of empathy that many children, especially British students, lack when it comes to having patience with learners of a foreign language. 


I can state confidently that this project is fruitful from only this small anecdote…


Next issue will be more learning… Yes, it’s a summer holiday and a great opportunity to learn something you want!  Stay tuned!


2023年 第3回目 7月30日(土)

Show & Tell 見せて教えて交流プロジェクト 1)




日本語を教えるにあたり、いつも、どうすれば言語学習を促進できるか?という質問は尽きることのなく、今まで様々な教授法を試行錯誤してきました。その中で、最近行きついたものが「Show & Tell 」という手法。これについては初めのブログでも少し触れましたが、今回は「Show & Tell 」〜見せて教えて交流プロジェクトについてご紹介します。

言語教育の一環として使われるこの手法を外国語教育に生かし、日英双方の子供達の活発なコミュニケーションを促進することを目的に、昨年2022年10月、日本とイギリスの小学生がイギリスの小学校でよく使われる「Show & Tell 」手法での短いビデオメッセージ交換するという試みがはじまりました。

イギリスは私が7年間教えてきた、中東部リンカーン州(Lincolnshire)の公立グリフィン連盟小学校( GriffinFederation)のウエストメアー(Westmere)、ゲドニー・ドローブ・エンド(Gedney Drove End)、ホルビーチ・セントマークス(Holbeach St Marks)小学校の3校。日本は東京都荒川区尾久西小学校、私立白百合学園小学校、板橋区中台小学校の3校。それぞれの学校がペアを組んで、お互いに自分たちの好きな事や物について短いメッセージを動画にして交換しました。トピックは食べ物、色、スポーツ、コンピューターゲーム、テレビのキャラクターなど。


















次回はまたまた学びについて!もう夏休みで学校もお休みではありますが、夏休みだからこそ、普段はできない学びができる絶好の機会です。 乞うご期待!